Digital Publishing and Maya Banks

Dear Author has an amazing, frank, astonishing and totally, totally inspiring interview with Maya Banks which everyone who is planning a career as a writer should read.

Maya writes across multiple genres, multiple formats and publishers and has openly revealed her sales figures and her income.

8 to 10 books a year? I am in awe. That is one smart and super hardworking professional. And her writing process is astonishing.

But take a look at how much she is earning!

Go HERE to read “Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Publishing But Were Afraid to Ask. A Q&A with Maya Banks

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Will write for cake. And wine. Preferrably both.

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2 comments on “Digital Publishing and Maya Banks
  1. Lacey Devlin says:

    I loved the interview too. It was so generous of Maya to reveal such personal information. I’d love to be able to write 8 to 10 books a year!

  2. Amazing, isn’t it? Well done, Maya but I couldn’t write that many books either!

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